How to Make a Login Page in Blogger Blogs

How to Make a Login Page in Blogger Blogs:

How to Make a Login Page in Blogger Blogs

1.Log in to your dashboard--> layout
2.Click on "Add a Gadget".Pop-up window will open.Now select "HTML/Java Script"
3.Copy below code and Paste it into it.

Enter your username and password to enter your Blogger Dasboard <br/><br/><form action="" method="post" onsubmit="onlogin()"><input value="" name="continue" type="hidden"/><input value="blogger" name="service" type="hidden"/><input value="8" name="nui" type="hidden"/><input value="8" name="naui" type="hidden"/><input value="2" name="fpui" type="hidden"/><input value="3" name="uilel" type="hidden"/><input value="true" name="skipvpage" type="hidden"/><input value="false" name="rm" type="hidden"/><input value="true" name="alwf" type="hidden"/><input value="" name="roeu" type="hidden"/><input value="0" name="alinsu" type="hidden"/><input value="WbQ8QiJfUvA" name="GA3T" type="hidden"/><div><label for="Email"> Username: <br/><input id="Email" tabindex="1" value="" name="Email" size="20" type="text"/></label></div><div><label for="Passwd"> Password: (<a href="" target="_top" title="Forgot your password?">?</a>) <br/></label><input id="Passwd" tabindex="2" autocomplete="off" name="Passwd" size="20" type="password"/></div><br/><input id="signin-btn-ns" tabindex="0" value="Sign in" class="ubtn ubtn-block" name="submit" type="submit"/></form>

4.Now Click Save and Refresh your site.Look the example below.
Enter your username and password to enter your Blogger Dasboard

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