{Guide} How to Find the Best Writers

People want to deal with a good writer if they are going to hand in the work of another writer as their own. Students want to be a good writer, but it isn’t an easy quest. Where do you find them, and how do you know if they are good? Here are six tips to help you answer those questions.

1 – Use a good essay writing service

There are plenty of essay writing services out there that offer great essays for a good price. They do it by hiring good writers and drawing people in to use the service. The essay writing companies offer to writers a constant stream of work in return for lowering their rate. It means the writers get a good and consistent wage, and it means students get top quality essays without fear of being called a cheater.

2 – Check online reviews

Some are honest and some are fake. It is tough to tell, though the longer ones tend to be fake. You can see the same on Amazon where the longer reviews are obviously planted there. You are not a super-genius when it comes to figuring out which are real and which are fake, however if you saw lots of negative reviews, it may not be worth the risk using that particular writer or writing group/company.

3 – Ask your student friends whom they used

There are plenty of students that use essay-writing services, so why not to ask them which company they used and which writer they used. Some students are going to be naturally cagey about the subject, but if you make it clear that you wish to use a writer for your work, then your friends may tell you which writers are good.

4 – Google it and click affiliate adverts

There are a lot of freelance writers and writing companies that advertise using Google Adwords. This means that if you Google “My Study Corner” and you get results with essay writing services, like  My Study Corner  or academic writers, you can find numerous affiliate adverts on the Google search engine results. Use them to find the writer you need.

5 – Ask to see the samples of the writer’s work

You want a writer, but you want a good one. You do not want to waste your money on a writer who doesn’t know how to write a good essay. You can ask the writer for some samples of essay work that he or she has done before. You can also ask the writer to produce short samples for you so you can see the quality of his or her written work.

6 – Many writers have social media profiles

Some writers and some essay writing companies have their own social media profiles. Some have a Google+ profile, and others have a Facebook profile. You can check their profiles to see what other people say about them.

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