What is Incentive Traffic? Pros and Cons

What is Incentive Traffic?

Incentive traffic means you are giving something back to your user in-return of completing the offer which can be points or cash or can be gifts too.

Incentive means that if a user successfully completes an offer that's accepted by the advertiser, he/she is rewarded with something. Depending on what site the offer is on, the person could receive cash, points, or virtual currency. Or, if they want access to an ebook, for example, they might have to complete an offer to unlock the content to be able to download it. The ebook would be the reward. The person who is running the offer and who gets paid by the advertiser gives the reward.

What is Incentive Traffic? Pros and Cons

There are various types of incentive offers that are basically the same as other offers - email submits, zip submits, surveys, trial offers, etc., but they generally pay a lot less than non-incentive offers.

There are different types of sites that can offer incentives. Social networking sites and games sites offer virtual currency as an incentive for completing offers. The virtual currency can be used to 'purchase' whatever virtual items are available that pertain to the game or the site.


Cheap Traffic in Compare to other Sources.


Yes, the only problem is that the incentive traffic has usually a lower quality.      

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