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Top Quality Guest Posting Services in India:


If you’re looking for the very best results for your website and you’re serious about getting the very best quality links for your site, then a guest post service is what you need. This service will help you to build the most powerful links from the very best sites and it will ensure that your business doesn’t get affected by updates to the Google algorithm like Panda and Penguin.

What Are Guest Posts/Blogging ?

Guest blogging or posting essentially means writing high quality content that you then give away to real/natural blogs in exchange to a link back to your site. This of course benefits everyone in that the blog owner gets free high quality content, while you get a free one-way link from a high profile site. This is one of the most powerful and effective ways to increase your position on the search engines and to improve your overall online presence, and is one of the most reliable methods particularly in light of Google’s recent algorithm changes.

The Unique Benefits of Guest Posting

If you know a bit about SEO then you’ll spot the similarity between guest posting and article submission. The latter once again means getting an article published in exchange for a link back to your website, but there are some significant differences. While there is still a place for article submission, this essentially means submitting articles to sites that automatically accept content from a huge number of contributors and dish out hundreds of links back to your site. These articles will go to places like ‘eZine Articles’ which host a huge amount of content often of varying quality – and the general public as well as Google are very aware of that fact.

Conversely guest posts are going on actual blogs that are highly popular, read by hundreds if not thousands of viewers daily and that are carefully selected for being relevant and good quality. This then means that you are getting links that are worth much more to you in terms of the way Google sees them because they are coming from multiple different sources, and because they are from authoritative sources. Then at the same time you know that people are actually going to read these posts and see your links and this way even when they don’t click them, you will be still increasing your reputation and your visibility and associating yourself with a blog that these people obviously read and trust.

Google’s Penguin And Panda

For these reasons guest posts are the best way to avoid having your site penalized by Google’s Panda and Penguin updates. Panda targeted content farms and sites that harvested low quality content, but you know that you are getting great quality articles from guest posts because somewhere a professional blogger is accepting them as good enough to go on their own websites. Penguin meanwhile was about targeting sites that had accrued lots of low quality and un-natural links, which certainly doesn’t apply to guest posts which get you links from only top-quality and highly relevant blogs.

In short guest posts represent one of the most natural and high profile ways of building yourself the very best quality links. If you are serious about your site’s success, and if you don’t want to have your site penalized in Google’s future updates; then guest posts are your very best option.

What You Get From Our Guest Posting Service:
  •     600+ words Unique and quality content written by our team of experts for each guest post.
  •     PR1 TO PR4 blogs related to your website’s niche. (mostly we try high pr blogs first)
  •     We uses blogs having Domain Authority 20+ (what is domain Authority?)
  •     We uses blogs having flowmetrics 10+  (Citation flow & Trust flow)
  •     Relevant images will be added in post to make post more natural and more explaining.
  •     Promoting the guest post across the social networks (Free 5 Facebook likes, 5 Google plus1 votes & 5 tweets)
  •     Up-to 2 links in Author Bio ( Depends upon the Admin of the blog, 95% bloggers allow only one anchored back link.)
  •     Link from a high page rank relevant & genuine blog
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